Francisco  LabbĂ©  S.

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Who I am?

More than 20 years of experience in the technological field. With a background as Information Technologies Engineer and Master of Engineering Sciences (c). Diploma in Software Engineering and fluent in English, French and Spanish as mother tongue.

Francisco Labbe is currently Senior IT Manager at CMA CGM Chile to the West Coast South America. In charge of SAP implementation for my region as well as business IT project in several other projects aimed at an improvement in production in shipping processes.

My great professional goals are to create and implement technological spaces that improve and automate business processes.

As a professional, my goals are the study of new techniques in computer-based business processes looking to improve business methodologies. Also it like me to study the social phenomena, attempting to make a contribution in society from the point of view of the proposals.

My biggest connection in this life is the family that I formed and the process of maturing that involves this great challenge.

Outlook of life

Perhaps one of the most interesting things I have discovered is the ability to create tools that improve processes, make life easier and finally build a better world in this 21st century.

Main interests

  • Technology
  • Software development
  • Networking security
  • Business Process Management
  • Data base administration


  • SCI fiction movies
  • Just walk
  • Classical Rock-n'-roll 
  • Observing the sky ( Astronomy )


  • Spanish  ( Mother tongue )
  • English ( Acquired language )
  • French ( Just to let me understand )

Let's keep in touch

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