Francisco Labbé

About me

More than 25 years of experience in the technological industry. With a background as Bachelor's degree in engineering sciences, Information Technologies Engineer and Master of Engineering Sciences (c). Diploma in Software Engineering. Fluent in English, French and Spanish as mother tongue.

Some of the most important professional goals are to create and implement technological platforms that improve and automate business processes. Involving suppliers in negotiations, focusing on major systems architecture and IT team management are always my best targets.

As a professional, my objectives are the study of new techniques in business processes based on computer science, seeking to improve business methodologies. In addition, I like to study social phenomena, trying to make a contribution to society from the point of view of proposals.

However, by far the most successful thing in my life is the family I have created and the process of maturing as a human being that this great challenge represents.

Francisco Labbe

Information Technologies Engineer & more

Unleashing my potential, shaping the future from the human.

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Welcome to the world of computer engineering, where innovation and creativity come together to shape the future. As a computer engineer, I have the power to change the way we interact with technology and make a real impact on the world around us. I embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and remember that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. I'll keep pushing the boundaries and never stop learning, because the possibilities are endless. Let's build the future together!


Preparation is the real key to success. This segment shows some of my skills. However there is always space to improve and grow in skills.
I never settle just for good, I always strive for excellence.

Vendor management and negotiation 95%
Bid generation and control 90%
Budget planning 90%
KPI control Software development 95%
Project management 95%
Effective communication 90%
Teamwork 95%
Database Administration 80%
IT architecture 80%
Analytical skills 95%
IT Patterns design 80%
IT Governance 90%
Scrum 85%
Ideas development and innovation 90%
Stress management 85%
Adaptability 95%
Solving problems 90%
Opportunity identification 90%
PHP 98%
JAVA 80%
JavaScript 85%
HTML 98%
SQL 98%
SAP 80%
Excel 100%
Word 100%
PowerPoint 100%
Visio 100%
Access 85%
Power BI 80%
sp Spanish 100%
us English 95%
fr French 85%
br Portuguese 60%


Below is an excerpt from my resume with some notable milestones.


Francisco Labbé

Information Technology Engineer with an outstanding career in the technological field. My leadership has been highlighted in the ability to lead IT teams towards the achievement of ambitious goals, always with a strong commitment to the internal and external customer, in addition to always seek the optimization and automation of processes based on information technology.
One the major strengths for me, lies in the design and management of technology solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business, ensuring its operational continuity and leading IT governance effectively. My profile is characterized by a unique combination of experience, technical, passion and management skills, as well as an unequivocal orientation towards the achievement of strategic objectives.


Master’s in IT Engineering (c).

2010 - 2016

Universidad Andrés Bello. Santiago, Chile

Graduate degree program that focuses on the application of engineering principles to the design, development, and management of information technology systems. This program covers a wide range of topics including computer systems, software engineering, networking, data management, network engineering, IT management and cyber security.

Information Technology Engineer

2004 - 2009

Universidad de Las Américas. Santiago, Chile

Professional who designs, develops, and maintains the technology infrastructure and systems that organizations rely on to operate effectively. IT Engineers work with a wide range of technologies including computer hardware, software, networking, and data storage systems. Strong background in computer science, mathematics, and engineering, as well as experience with specific technology platforms and tools.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

2004 - 2009

Universidad de Las Américas. Santiago, Chile

Undergraduate academic degree awarded to students who have completed a five-year program of study in the field of engineering. Strong foundation in the principles and practices of engineering, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to design, develop, and test new products and systems.

Professional Experience

IT Solutions Architect

jun 2023 -

Xerox Chile, Santiago, Chile

Establish key relationships and direction of IT solutions for assigned clients, facilitating a deep understanding of their business needs, and significantly driving their business projects. I secured new contracts or renewals with 80% of them, thus strengthening the company's customer base.

Information Technology Advisor to country Director.

aug 2021 - sep 2022

National Customs Service, Valparaíso, Chile

Supervise the review of internal technology projects to ensure compliance with government standards, thus guaranteeing regulatory compliance in technology solutions.

IT Operations Manager

oct 2019 - present

sVirtual Ltd, Santiago, Chile

Lead the creation of specialized software development teams for key clients, ensuring tailored and effective solutions that met the client's specific needs.

Senior WCSA IT Manager

jun 2010 - aug 2019

CMA CGM Chile, Santiago, Chile

Manage and lead the IT strategy in SA East Coast countries such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, driving operational efficiency and technology alignment with regional business objectives.

Personal interests

My personal interests refer to a general outlook of the activities, hobbies, pursuits, goals and values that I consider important and relevant in my life.

Healthy life

It's a personal choice, I decided to take care of myself every day in every aspect of my life.

Continuing education

Lifelong learning is one of my keys to success and personal development.

Culture & Arts

Culture & the arts lifts me up, enlightens and enriches me and makes me more human.


Travel helps me to grow, discover and learn, it takes me out of my comfort zone, opens new perspectives, and enriches me culturally.

Volunteering and social commitment

Volunteering and social engagement is one of the most real opportunities to make a difference in the world and myself.

Quality time with family and friends

Spending quality time with my family. That's the ultimate true investment, because I get more life.


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